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It is used in flour sector. In a well-ventilated environment, moisture is maintained at a rate of 12-14%.

Agriculture can be done in the area of 23.9 million hectares with 49% of the largest share of the grain. Among the total grain fields, wheat ranks first with a share of 67%. Wheat is followed by barley with a share of 24%, corn with a 6% share and paddy with a share of 1%. Wheat cultivation areas of the last 10 years ranged between 7.5–8.5 million hectares and the production amount ranged from 17.2–22.6 million tons. Our wheat production in 2016 was 20,6 million tons. In 2015, wheat cultivation was 7,866,887 ha and production was 22.6 million tons, while the yield was 7,672 kg / ha.