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Toprak Tarım From Past To Present

Born in 1914, Salih Şükrü Özkaya started his working life as an apprentice in a machine shop at a very young age.

In 1952, he continued his career as a specialist in automobile engines and machine repair. Salih Şükrü Özkaya, who was able to see the future very well and was smart and hardworking, decided to enter the flour and cotton business after considering the requirements and availability of the region where he had been working for a period of time.

In 1959, he established a small factory near the Çukurköprü Village (nowadays Osmaniye) in the Kadirli district of Adana. He had only the mill and five gins which were rotated by a diesel-driven engine, and in a very short period of time it had attracted much attention from the surrounding settlements. After 16 years of experience and accumulation, in 1976 the number of ginned machines increased to 25. This small factory, that gained the trust of its surroundings continued to grow and became a big family company.

Salih Şükrü Özkaya, who passed away in 1989. He left the greatest legacy to his sons, the meaning of trust. The principle of 'trust' was the principle of Toprak Tarım. He continued to work with his closed warehouses of 40.000 m² from 80.000 m². Ginning & Prese Factory continues its activities with Corn Drying and Storage Facilities - Cotton Picking Machines and Logistics.