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The Best Quality Rollegin Cotton in Turkey.

Toprak Tarım has Turkey's most modern facility of Agriculture among the best examples in obtaining the high quality and clean cotton fiber. Our company's facilities in Çukurova are equipped with Sawgin machine which is cleaning the other machines. Toprak Tarım produces the highest quality of fibers with Sawgin cleaning and Rollergin values. Our company is located in Sawgin Technology Tower Dryer (Drying Tower). Inclined Cleraner (Bulk Kliner), Trashmaster (medium-small size foreign material dump), Stick Machine by combining products with rollergin, it offers the best quality and clean long staple to Turkish textile. 500 tonnes of core cotton per day is cleaned from the core. 210 tons of seedless cotton are obtained and pressed to form about 900 bales per day. With these statistics, we are proud to have the Europe's largest capacity roller.

Leader Company in Corn Supply.

Five different plant corn and cotton purchasing are done in Cukurova in Turkey in its field and Europe's largest provider of agricultural soil. With 220,000 tons of ’long-term corn storage warehouses depol, 25,000 tons of corn are dumped daily in Toprak Tarım, which has the largest capacity in Europe. With this capacity, all of the warehouses are filled in about 10 days. In the facilities where the best quality corn of Çukurova is stored, it is ensured that the product remains in a healthy condition for up to 3 years with all the necessary ventilation equipment. Since our establishment in Turkey, the world's leading oil, spinning, we serve the starch and animal feed industry.

Warehouse : 40.000 m²

Corn Store : 220.000 tons

Unload Corn : 25.000 tons (daily)

Drying Corns : 2.500 tons (daily)

Process Cotton : 550 tons (daily)