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Specialized staff of Toprak Tarım is engaged in cotton harvesting. The products are classified in the same type and quality class as on the basis of grouping. During the cleaning stage, the cotton Sawgin model enters the pre-cleaning unit and enters the Rollergrain gin section and is turned into a bale in the single bale control system setting. At this point, the aim is to produce the highest quality fiber in Sawgin cleaning and at the same time Rollergin values. On the other hand, corn control is carried out with TSE-compatible GAC 2100 model moisture meter devices with the expert team and equipment in the field. The incoming corn is taken into the quality control room with a 0.5 mm diameter sieve and a multi-point sample collector robot. Then, in the dark environment with ultraviolet light, Aflatoxin values ​​are taken into consideration. Corns taken in the ventilation (GSI Airstream DC-452) are safely stored in warehouses for up to 2-3 years. The heat and humidity of the corn in our warehouses are monitored online 24 hours a day. All the products within the business boundaries, all transactions and instant status information are recorded with 108 cameras 24 hours a day.