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We have broken new ground in Turkey

In gin departments of Toprak Tarım’s facilities in Ceyhan and Karatas, there are Sawgin unginned cotton willowing machines. Toprak Tarım has broken a new ground in Turkey about quality product. Thanks to the system, which is Ahmet Ozkaya’s (son of Salih Sukru Ozkaya) very own design, most qualified fiber is produced, which meets the expectations of Rollergin rates. In Sawgin willowing part, foreign matter such as leaf, dregs, soil, sleet, thick sleet, thread and dead unginned cotton are got rid of by reducing the moisture level of unginned cotton from 14-15 to 6-7.


Right after this, unginned cotton is processed into Rollergin section.As a result high quality fibre and cotton seed is acquired. 36 kg fibre and 51 cotton seed are obtained out of 100 kg 40 unginned cotton outputs. It’s quite possible to talk about a good job as only %13 percentage of %4 fibre and %9 cotton seeds are reduced by wastage. %13 turnover equals to the exact rate that is given by a Sawgin factory. As much as investion, management and turnover expenditures of the factory are at high levels, serving the most quality products on demands of our customers is the exact goal of Toprak Tarım.