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Toprak Tarým in a short time

Salih Sukru Ozkaya, born in 1914, started his first business life very early working as an apprentice at a machinery repair shop.


He continued this path in 1952 by being a skilled labour in the fields of automobile engines and machinery repairment Salih Sukru Ozkaya, who was prescient, smart and hardworking, decided to get into farina and cotton business after saving enough money by taking suitability and needs of the region where he was residing, into consideration.


In the year 1959, the established a small facility somewhere near Cukurkopru, Kadirli (Today’s Osmaniye). A mill, which was working by a disel-operated engine, and five cotton gin machines, got more attention of the people than expected in a short period of time. After sixteen years of time, he increased the number of the machines to 25. The small facility, which managed to earn the trust of the people in the region and which continued growing by meeting one of the most important needs of the region, became a family firm.


One of the greatest heritage Salih Sukru Ozkaya (died in 1989) left was passing the word ‘Confidence’ to his children. Proudly taking up this heritage, Ahmet Özkaya is still on duty with ‘Gin and Pressed Factory-Corncrib Storage Facilities‘ under the name ‘Toprak Tarým Corporations’, which has 30000 m2 covered storage space on 65000 m2 field